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Rectangular Tanks
 Mirax tanks are made of one of two materials aluminum or steel. Aluminum tanks are constructed of .090-gauge aluminum. Aluminum tanks are lightweight, high in strength, and completely rust resistant. Our steel tanks are made of 18-gauge metal. Tanks made of either material are designed to meet United States Coast Guard regulations. Mirax tanks are equipped with a fuel sender or mechanical fuel level indicator, a pick up tube, vent bung, fill and cap (if needed). The tanks are equipped with baffles where it is needed for added strength. Permanent tanks (designated by the C or the A in the model number are equipped with an electric fuel sender and straight fill neck while the conversion tanks (designated by the D or the B in the model number) are equipped with mechanical fuel level indicators, fill neck and cap.

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Fuel Tanks
 Mirax offers two tank models that were designed for use in the Boston Whaler Montauk. The D-1212 model is a 12-gallon tank. Two of the D-1212 tanks fit in the space under the seat. Our D-2424 model is a 24-gallon tank that also fits under the seat.

The picture to the side shows two D-1212 tanks under the seat in a Boston Whaler Montauk. The standard model D-1212 comes equipped with a mechanical gauge, vent bung, pick up tube, fill and cap. The tanks pictured are equipped with optional handles. The fittings on the tank have been set up so that the tanks are mirror images of each other. Since we are the manufacturer of the tanks we can easily make adjustments requested by our customers such as to the dimensions of the tank or placement of the fittings or add optional items such as handles or mounting tabs. The tanks shown are in the standard aluminum mill finish. Some of our customers choose to have the tanks powder coated to match their boat. We offer powder coating as an option for all of our tanks.

** D and B prefixes denote conversion tanks and are equipped with mechanical level indicators & vented caps. C and A prefixes denote permanently mounted tanks which are equipped with a 1 1/2 inch O.D. straight-up fill neck & sending unit.