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Mirax tanks are made of one of two materials aluminum or steel. Aluminum tanks are constructed of .090-gauge (unless otherwise specified) aluminum. Aluminum tanks are lightweight, high in strength, and completely rust resistant. Our steel tanks are made of 18-gauge metal. Tanks made of either material are designed to meet United States Coast Guard regulations. Mirax tanks are equipped with a fuel sender or mechanical fuel level indicator, a pick up tube, vent bung, fill and cap (if needed). The tanks are equipped with baffles where it is needed for added strength. Permanent tanks (designated by the C or the A in the model number) are equipped with an electric fuel sender and straight fill neck while the conversion tanks (designated by the D or the B in the model number) are equipped with mechanical fuel level indicators, fill neck and cap.

Steel Model#GallonsDepthWidthLengthAlum. Model#
125-7/8" - 8-1/4"18-1/8" 26-1/4"ATH-22
185-7/8" - 8-1/4"18-1/8" 39-1/8"ATH-18
255-7/8" - 8-1/4"18-1/8" 51"ATH-25
129-5/8" - 7-1/4"18" 20-1/2"ATH-1210
189-5/8" - 7-1/4"18" 29-3/4"ATH-1810

Key Features

1. Complete with all fittings needed. Permanent and conversions tanks fitted with o-rings and gaskets.

2. Conversion tanks equipped with mechanical fuel level indicator (MK-7011) and visual reading sight capsule (M70B) (Conversion tanks can be adapted for an electrical gauge)

3. Backed by a three year warranty. (see warranty section for details)

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