Fuel Tanks

Mirax offers many styles of tanks to suit your boat. Please click on the appropriate link and it will redirect you to a page dedicated to that specific tank. Model numbers, sizes, and features are included in the tank description. If you have a custom tank in mind, you can send the drawing in via either email or fax, or one of our craftsmen will design a tank with you.

Questions? Fill out a quote, email us at info@miraxfuelproducts.com, or call us (928) 680-5670. We are happy to find you a product that fits your specific needs.

*** Length given on sizing chart reflects old tank style. Old tanks had recessed edges on the short end that totaled 1-1/2″. Tanks no longer have the recessed edges and are thus 1-1/2″ shorter than the listed size. Aluminum is the preferred material of fabrication. ***

Flat Tanks
Flat Tapered Tanks
Gunwale Tanks
Gunwale Tapered Tanks
Rectangular Tanks
Upright Tanks