Mirax tanks are made of one of two materials aluminum or aluminized steel. Aluminum tanks are constructed of .090-gauge aluminum. Aluminum tanks are lightweight, high in strength, and completely rust resistant. Our aluminized steel tanks are made of 18-gauge metal and combine the corrosion resistance of aluminum with the durability and strength of steel. Tanks made of either material are designed to meet United States Coast Guard regulations. Mirax tanks are equipped with a fuel sender or mechanical fuel level indicator, a pick up tube, vent bung, fill and cap (if needed). The tanks are equipped with baffles where it is needed for added strength. Permanent tanks (designated by the C or the A in the model number) are equipped with an electric fuel sender and straight fill neck while the conversion tanks (designated by the D or the B in the model number) are equipped with mechanical fuel level indicators, fill neck and cap.

Perm Steel Model#Conv Steel Model#GallonsDepthWidthLengthPerm Alum. Model#Conv Alum. Model#

Key Features

1. Complete with all fittings needed.Permanent and conversions tanks fitted with o-rings and gaskets.
2. Conversion tanks equipped with mechanical fuel level indicator (MK-7011) and visual reading sight capsule (M70B) (Conversion tanks can be adapted for an electrical gauge)
3. Backed by a three year warranty. (see warranty section for details)